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Training world class athletes at every level of the sport

Lazarus is a sports, fitness and wellness company. Our range of programs aim to redefine sports development at educational institutions, communities and the grassroots. Lazarus seeks to change the landscape of sport coaching by creating an ecosystem for an athlete to be developed, honed and catered for.

Sports Development

Being the best athlete you can be and bringing your talents to the team are integral to making a successful sporting career. Our high-performance based programs for both athletes and clubs are specifically tailored to fit your individual requirements. We make it easy to be at your peak as an individual and to perform to your potential as a team. 
With a focus on sports psychology, nutrition, strength and condition, and team building we’ve got all the bases covered. Our team of qualified sports professionals as well as our specialized equipment ensure that your progress through our programs is natural, revitalizing, and fulfilling.

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Health and Wellness

Sport isn’t just all play. It’s also about nutrition, recovery, and being in the right mental space to perform the best you can. The health and wellness programs we have in place take inspiration from our high-performance philosophy to cater to your nutritional, recovery, and mental health needs. Every one of our bespoke programs is curated by experts in their field who are ready to guide you through every step of the process. 
Our focussed approach to the three pillars of high-performance health and wellness - psychology, nutrition, and recovery - promises to elevate the way you engage with sport.

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Fitness is a lifestyle choice that can massively alter your perspective on life for the better. We’re here to make it as easy as possible for you to make that choice every single day. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind without making the time to invest in your mental and physical health. The programs we’ve curated for both Zumba and Yoga are here to get you in shape and in a better mental space in the most fun and convenient way possible. The instructors on our team are here to make sure you get your daily dose of fitness to help clear your mind and get you in touch with your body. Fitness is therapeutic and having a fun community to get fit with is even more so.

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The Outdoor Fitness program is designed to give the Lazarus experience across age groups, from teens to adults,  who are not part of educational institutions, Grassroots or the Headstart program.

Created specifically to engage the public in a journey of physical well being, our outdoor fitness project throws open our doors to a host of activities - football coaching, position centric football, yoga, zumba, sports conditioning and strength & conditioning. Our services are built around corporate entities, closed gate communities, apartments and similar communities.

We bring fitness to your doorstep.

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Our partners

Our partners and top team members are amongst the best in the country and the world, pushing the boundaries with passion and vigour.

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The journey to a healthier body starts right now

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Understand how to do excercises properly

Track your progress weekly

Follow a specific plan made just for you

At Lazarus, we deliver unparalleled assistance in achieving their targets and improve outcomes in competitive sports through scientifically designed curriculum, specially curated for each individual by our certified Format Head. We provide effective coaching on par with international standards in Football, Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Yoga and Zumba.


Our partners and top team members are amongst the best in the country and the world, pushing the boundaries with passion and vigour.

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