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Lazarus Sports isn’t just what our name suggests - we’re leagues ahead. Our high performance philosophy, our integrated fitness programs, and our health and wellness sessions are centered around our goal of putting sport front and centre. We want to revolutionise the way sports are thought about in India, the way they’re played, and how they’re accessed. How do we go about doing that? Great question. We need you. 

Community has always been and always will be part of the genetic code of any sport. Sport doesn’t mean much without people to share it with and those who push you to be better on field or on the track or on the court. From football to tennis to basketball to cricket that’s what it’s all about. And nowhere can you find a truer form of sporting community than in India’s own culture of gully sport. It brings people together irrespective of talent and environment; it’s the essence of sport - getting your friends together, playing hard and forming bonds that last a lifetime. That’s the kind of community that we at Lazarus hope to build and elevate. We want to take our incredible tradition of gully sport to the next level and out of the streets.

We want to bring it to your apartments, to your schools, and to your colleges. We want to help you get in touch with what sport truly is - playing hard, pushing harder, and bonding your hardest. Our high-performance training and guidance philosophy promises to help you out perform your expectations in a safe environment while preserving all the reasons we love sport so much. What if every kid playing cricket on the pavement had the chance to be the best version of themselves and to grow along with their friends? What if you could relive the old days of sipping Tang with your best mates after a deadly football match in the sun? That’s exactly what we want to bring you. 

We need you. We need you to be a part of this community. We need your help to take sport back to its roots. And in return we promise you a better sense of self, the magic of a supportive community, and incredible fun.

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