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Lazarus Sports is founded on the principles of high performance. While sports science in India is still in its developmental phase we, here at Lazarus, are at the cutting edge. Our high-performance philosophy is geared to help you achieve your fullest potential across every aspect of your wellbeing - both mental and physical. To help you achieve your goals we offer tailor made health and wellness programs rooted in a meticulous and scientific approach to sport and fitness. 

Our programs are founded on three fundamental pillars of our high-performance philosophy - physiotherapy, psychology and nutrition. Pushing ourselves to help you push through your hurdles is what we’re here to do and our intense focus on these four components of your wellbeing guarantees we do a good job. From pumping iron at the gym to treating yourself with some focused yoga to helping you find the right fuel for your grind we’re here for it absolutely all of it. 

We live high-performance and we breathe sport here at Lazarus. We know better than anyone that sport isn’t all play, yoga isn’t all stretching, and hitting the gym isn’t all about moving weight. A high-performance lifestyle goes far beyond just the physical. In our mission to revolutionise how sport and fitness is viewed in India we start with the most important members of the Lazarus community - our clients. With sports psychology, physiotherapy, and nutrition playing a key role in each of our programs we’ve got your back in every way. Your mental wellbeing and physical recovery are our priority and we see to it that you get the help you need and the push you require to be your best. 

Our years of experience and expertise, our facilities, and our passion are all at your disposal. We’re ready to help you outperform yourself. The question is, are you?

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