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Being sporting is about far more than just playing the game - it’s a lifestyle choice; a conscious decision to put your mental and physical well being at the centre of attention. By catering your lifestyle to improving your health by every metric it is inevitable that the results are going to benefit you in every avenue of life be it personal or professional. Here at Lazarus we work tirelessly to develop and put into practice incremental changes to meet our goal of revolutionising sport in India - a vision that can only be met by encouraging our clients to pursue a holistic, wellness and sports-centric way of life. In keeping with our focus on helping people put in place long-lasting and incredibly beneficial lifestyle changes we bring to expertly developed programs in Yoga and Zumba. Designed to keep you on your toes in the most engaging and enjoyable way possible these programs promise to be an incredibly valuable addition to your daily routine. 


Developed in-house by our incredibly talented and experienced heads of performance and Yoga, we bring you a state-of-the-art Yoga program unlike any you’ve seen before. Combining our scientific approach to sports training along with the age-old Yoga practices you’re used to has resulted in a learning environment that promotes a key understanding of the artform and how it can help your personal development. Our approach ensures a deeper mind-body relationship that is sure to benefit your lifestyle - something that we at Lazarus will bend over backwards to guarantee. 


You don't need sport science to tell you dancing is fun but you do need science to tell you how to do it right - that’s where we come in. Welcome to the world of Zumba. If a high-octane energy boost is what you need then our newly developed Zumba program is the perfect dose of technique, pace and pure fun. Backed by our extensive knowledge of body mechanics and sports science, this program will push you - in the best ways possible - towards your achieving a more well-rounded lifestyle in the most enjoyable way possible.

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