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Cricket stars to NBA players to soccer sensations to swimmers to runners and to every sports person out there - these are the figures we look to as the peak of human physical ability. They embody hard work, perseverance, mental strength, and physical performance. They are one of a kind but what if we told you that all of what we admire about people at the top of their field is something that you can work towards, something you can learn to push yourself as a sportsperson. 

Lazarus Sports in association with Outperform labs has brought together a powerhouse of expertise and equipment to help athletes at any level reach their mental and physical peak. Our athlete centric training programs have been developed over decades of working closely with clubs, players, managers, and coaches across the world. We bring you our wealth of knowledge as part of our high-performance training philosophy. We’ve crafted a one-of-a-kind program to guide you through every step of your development as a sports person. From nutrition to psychology and from physical training to recovery we’ve covered all the bases so you can truly focus on yourself.

Our goal is to push you to achieve end-to-end high performance. The way you think matters, so does the way you eat, the way you sleep, and the way you train. We take each of those metrics and refine them until every aspect of your life is aimed at being a fantastic athlete no matter what sport you play or where you play it. 

We don’t push you to breaking point. We work to give you a mental and biomechanical edge in every aspect of your game. It’s a science and we know it inside out.


There’s nothing quite like a team. Your family and friends to help you through life. Your colleagues to help you navigate a hard day at work. And your fellow players to be there for you on the pitch when it’s time to shine. You can’t go the distance alone but building a team is no easy feat. Just like with everything else though, we’re here to help.

We work with each individual member of a team’s ecosystem to build a unit that’s a lot more than just players on a field - we build a family of high performers. Individual attention alongside our approach to mental conditioning helps to create a deep and genuine sense of chemistry between players, coaches, and team staff. We put in place value systems that are the foundation of sporting success in any field. You’ve got to have each other's back no matter how challenging it gets. That’s exactly what we work towards with our expert focus on revolutionary sport psychology techniques and team building exercises. 

Every member of our staff is dedicated to pushing players to grow alongside one another and to give one hundred percent every time they perform. It’s more a mental battle than anything else and we know exactly how to win. We work with coaching staff as well as management to create an environment accepting of growth, recovery, and mental health development. This opens up possibilities in performance that are truly incredible. 

We’re critical of the way sports are played and that’s our greatest strength. We bring change and we shake things up and we do it to make your team stronger, tighter, quicker, more critical, and more supportive. Our work with Luca Soccer Club is a testament to how effective our philosophy is and will continue to be.

You can’t go the distance alone, that’s we’re right here by your side.

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